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EndorseMe Tool

This EndorseMe tool is designed using an easy-to-use database format, to simplify the search and categorisation of information specifically related to the recognition Certificate of Competency (CoC). This is geared towards seafarers across all EU member states, and third countries.

The primary objective of this online database tool is to provide accurate and up to date information, to seafarers, regarding recognition of their CoC status under two categories:

1. EU member state and third country recognition of their certification issued by their national administration; and
2. Their own national administrations’ recognition of other EU and third country CoC qualified seafarers.

The tool shows data in a drop-down menu, to simply cross-check of International STCW standardisation on recognition, between a selected country and other seafaring countries that will endorse certification. The information provided is using IMO and EMSA data, published by STCW participating countries official national administrations.

Find out in a few easy steps, initial, reliably sourced information from the EndorseMe project on where and how CoC qualifications are identified and recognised.

Seafarers and Students

Find out in a few easy steps where and how you can apply your CoC qualifications overseas. This EndorseMe project resource helps to search for your preferred international posting and need to know information on how to do so.

Shipowners and Manning Agencies

Our EndorseMe tool allows a search for internationally approved STCW national administration CoC recognition. This allows a quick and easy search across all EU member states and third countries for international seafarers looking to work abroad.

Maritime Education & Training Institutions

This is an ease of access tool to provide information on national administrations recognition of international seafarer Certification of Competency qualifications. It can be a used an educational resource.

Maritime Administrations

This EndorseMe project online search tool lists all EU and third country seafarer CoC recognition, under STCW accredited national authorities. Data provides from regularly updated reputable sources.