The project develops a platform for various ranks of seafarers. The platform has an option to investigate acceptance/endorsement of sea-going certificates. ENDORSEME project aims to:

  • Identifies the problems associated with recognition/endorsement of certificates in a questionnaire-based needs analysis and gathers information based on the investigation of undiscovered areas.
  • Develops a platform and complementary online tool for seafarers, shipping companies, and MET institutions to identify whether the certificates of seafarers are accepted/endorsed by one country to another.

ENDORSEME platform cross-references the certificates available to the seafaring profession to provide a higher quality system that suits each individual member state. It also enables MET programs to stay up to date with changes to requirements locally and internationally with minimal disruption to other core areas of the program. The quality assurance system of the ENDORSEME platform enables good practices to be seen and transferred to other member states while maintaining a high quality of education, training, and assessment.